GEOF337 Student cruise to Masfjorden

This blogpost is one of a series written originally for our Insta-takeover of @PortalenIGLO, by the awesome night watch team Elina, Helene, Julie, and Sonja. Check out the twitter accounts of Elina and Sonja for updates on what they are doing when they are not at sea with us!

Ahoy from Masfjorden!

This week we are a group of UiB students going on a cruise, and we are taking over the #portalenIGLO. The ship is called Kristine Bonnevie and is one of IMR’s research vessels. Our study area is mainly Masfjorden, but we are also taking some samples from Fensfjorden, both a five hour journey north of Bergen. This week we will show you what we typically are doing on a fjord-oceanography cruise.

The Masfjorden 2019 crew