Join me on a Research cruise to Antarctica!

On the very last day of the year the Korean ice breaker Araon will leave the port of Christchurch and head South towards the Amundsen Sea and Antarctica. I’m a physcial coeanographer and one of the researcher who will be onboard – and you are hereby invited to join us!

Once a week – starting on Monday 11/1 2016 – I’ll write about life onboard, about the research we are doing and about why we are doing it. In relation to each post there will be exercises for high school students in math and physics that will use recently collected data (or old data, as a back up…). The data can easily be imported into e.g. Geogebra.

Monday 11/1: Sea ice (e.g. Differential Equation, heat conduction, Archimedes principle)

Monday 18/1: Oceanic heat and melting ice (Heat content)

Monday 25/1: Salinity, temperature and density (Linear regression, linearisation)

Monday 1/2: Moorings and times eries  (Archimedes principle, theories of functions, regression)

Monday 8/2:  Straight lines and melting ice (Linear functions)

Monday 15/2: Water and wind (vectors)

Interested teachers can contact me on to get the exercises in advance!

You’ll hear from me again in January – and until then – Merry Christmas!