Introducing: Tae-Wan Kim

Written by Tae-Wan Kim

My name is Tae-Wan Kim and I’m a senior research scientist at the Korea Polar Research Institude, where I’m in charge of physical oceanography in Southern Ocean. My research interests center on (1) the ocean circulation in continental shelf of Antarctic coastal region and (2) heat and mass balance between ocean and ice shelves. I joined my institute in 2011 and participated 8 times Antarctic and Arctic surveies. In Amundsen Sea of West Antarctic, my field programme involved the measurement of hydrography and ocean circulation using the shipboard CTD, ADCP and long-term ocean moorings. Espacially, I measured ocean current, temperature and salinity more than 2 years in front of Ice Shelf. From this data, we can identify the variability of ocean circulation and heat and mass balance between ocean and ice shelf. When I am in Grenoble, I want to improve my understanding on the ocean circulation process in continental shelf. This experiments using the coriolis platform will give a good chance for me!