Introducing: Ho Kyung Ha

Written by Ho Kyung Ha

Ho Kyung Ha is an assistant professor at the Department of Ocean Sciences, Inha University, Korea. His research interests center on (1) the ocean circulation and (2) associated particle transport in water column. Research has included the study of such diverse areas as rivers, estuaries, continental shelf, and Polar Oceans.

Using the long-term mooring system, he is seeking to understand the ocean circulation and hydrographic features. Most recently, he has studied the intrusion of warm water masses, which might be a potential heat deliver to under-ice system in the Arctic and Antarctica. He is analyzing the moored time series data in the view of the teleconnection of climate change signals between low latitude and Polar Oceans. In the field of particle transport, he has developed an acoustic inversion method to estimate the concentration of suspended materials and the flux. The developed acoustic techniques and approaches are being applied to the biology to monitor the transport of organic matters and migration of zooplankton in water column.