Introducing: Mirjam Glessmer

And another post introducing another team member working on the TOBACO project! Introducing today: Mirjam Glessmer.

My name is Mirjam. I am a physical oceanographer myself and have done a postdoc in Bergen (which – small world! – Elin sent me the advertisement to after – even smaller world! – a proposal for a postdoc position with Anna unfortunately didn’t get funded!). But while I love physical oceanography, love going to sea, and love doing tank experiments, I realized that I am not so keen on doing the sitting-in-the-office-and-struggling-with-software part of the research myself (but if you are interested in my oceanographic street cred, check out my publications on Nordic Seas fresh water, double-diffusive mixing, and lots of other cool stuff here). However, I am passionate about learning about other people’s research, and about communicating ocean and climate topics to the public! So I am here to support the outreach side of things.

When I am not in Grenoble, I work at the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in Kiel, Germany, and investigate outreach in ocean and climate sciences. How can we do it best? What design criteria can we use? In fact, I might be doing some research on who is reading this blog and for what reasons! 😉

For more information about me, you can have a look at my website, or – if you are interested in “kitchen oceanography”, random observations of all things water or science teaching – check out my blog!