Warm weather – but too much ice?!

Vår, Malik Arctica, and the others from NPI are steadily heading south and have just passed Madeira.  Temperatures are rising  – and so is the interest in the Weddell Sea ice concentrations. Currently, there is way too much red (high concentrations) in the map (below), but a lot can happen in the three weeks that are left of their journey… fingers crossed for a big storm that clears the area where they are to work!

Sea ice concentration in the eastern Weddell Sea (Red = dense ice, Blue = open water). White circles (DML1-2 & DML2-1) are the moorings that are to be recovered. (Credit: Roberto Saldo, seaice.dk, DTU Space and Technical University of Denmark)

Vår & Sebastien enjoying the sun. (Photo: T. Hattermann)