GEOF337 student cruise: deploying moorings

We deploy two moorings in order to keep track of water exchanges over the sill; they will collect data for a year.  Instruments recording temperature, salinity, pressure, and velocity are attached to a rope, which is kept in place by an anchor and floating elements. One mooring is anchored on top of the sill (75m), whereas the other one is placed within the first basin at 460m depth.

The mooring is going over board. Train wheels are used as an anchor to keep it secured to the sea floor, the orange floatation spheres will keep it in an upright position while in the sea and bring the instruments back up to the surface when the mooring is released next year

This blogpost is one of a series written originally for our Insta-takeover of @PortalenIGLO, by the awesome night watch team Elina, Helene, Julie, and Sonja. Check out the twitter accounts of Elina and Sonja for updates on what they are doing when they are not at sea with us!