Introducing: Kjersti Daae

 I am a PhD-student (defending my thesis now in June – puh!) working with Elin at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, working on the exchange of water masses between the continental shelf and the deep ocean in the Southern Weddell Sea, Antarctica. 

Based on idealized modeling and moored observations, I study mechanisms that can bring warm water of oceanic origin onto the continental shelf and contribute to basal melting of the ice shelves. Furthermore, I study the production and export of cold and dense shelf waters, which overflows the Filchner sill, mixes with off-shore water masses and forms Antarctic bottom water. Antarctic bottom water is an important driver of the global thermohaline circulation, and is found near the bottom, in the large oceans.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about one of the articles in my PhD-thesis that just got published!