New adventure, new website!

I’m now counting the days of what seems like an eternal quarantine, locked up alone in a hotel room in Bremerhafen, Germany. All alone – almost… Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve brought Mr. Ninja along, and he will join me when we fly off to Port Stanely and Polarstern in just over ten days! (Apparently the longest Lufthansa flight ever!) From Stanely, we will head south to the Weddell Sea, and hopefully recover the moorings we deployed in 2017.

Mr. Ninja has previously been with Dr. Petra Langebroek to EastGRIP and Greenland – read about their adventures here!

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(and MANY thanks to Mirjam for helping me move!)


One thought on “New adventure, new website!

  1. You are most welcome! Looking forward to following your & Ninja’s adventures! 🙂

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