More than 25000 persons…

… read the article about our findings in Masfjorden that was published in Bergens Tidene, the local newspaper, this Monday! That’s a lot of people! The article is behind a pay-wall, but the journalist who wrote it, Atle, kindly allowed me to publish it here for those of you who missed it (and who reads Norwegian), so here it is:  Her kan fjordbunnen være i ferd med å dø (Originally published in BT 7/7 2020)

Beautiful – but oxygen poor –  Masfjorden

Luckily not everybody who read the article contacted me – but quite a few did; friends that I haven’t seen in ages who congratulating me on messenger, colleagues giving thumbs up on Teams, people  writing me to ask if I know anything about the situation in “their” fjord and a few Norwegian scientists that I’ve never met who asked me to send them a copy of the original paper (which is freely available here)… a very positive experience, indeed!

BT and Atle are planning to write more about oxygen and fjords – and I’ve already volunteered to contribute 🙂