Congratulations Vår Dundas, MS!

Today Vår Dundas, MS successfully presented her Master’s Thesis “Oceanic heat transport towards the Getz Ice Shelf, Amundsen Sea”!She has been working with data from a mooring that we deployed in a trough leading up one of the iceshelf fronts of Getz ice shelf, just east of Siple Mountain in the Amundsen Sea.When we deployed the mooring back in 2016, we referred to it as the “boring mooring”-but Vår did a good job proving that it did not desrve that name! Thank you Vår for a very  nice presentation and all the hard work you’ve put into your thesis! Now you deserve a long and relaxing Christmas holiday, and then we’ll see what happens next!

Sensors Knut Barthel and Jenny Ullgren questioning Vår about her work.
Champagne (and Muffins) afterwards!