Welcome (back) to my blog! You’re all invited to join me for a new oceanographic adventure, which will be very different from the ones I’ve share with you previously (Antarktisbloggen)! This time I’m not going to Antarctica, I’m not even going on a ship. Instead, I and my colleagues will meet up in Grenoble, France – far away from any ocean or sea (but close to smelly cheese and “croissants” :-)) . So, why go to Grenoble to study oceanography?

The reason is this tank:

The Coriolis tank. from: http://www.legi.grenoble-inp.fr/web/spip.php?rubrique175

It is a very special tank – not only is it big (13 meter in diameter), but it is rotating… sort of like a combined merry-go-round and a swimming pool! If you want to know what we are doing and why… then follow the blog!

And while you wait for us to give you a real tour of the laboratory and the tank (we’re not travelling down until next week) you can go on a virtual one here:


Cheers for now, Elin

Ps… this time the blog will be in English only… This is because I’ll get help from my collegues in Grenoble to write and because this time we will address adults … but we are already planning more blog projects for children, schools and teachers.  They will be in Norwegian (and possibly English, Swedish, German…) and feature the cute little penguin below! Stay tuned!

Nadine, Elin, Olaug and Mirjam (little square) planning blogs on skype. You’ll hear more from Nadine and Mirjam later – they will join me in Grenoble!